BuildTrust® Manager (BTM) Certification Program


BuildTrust® is a quality assessment scheme collaboratively developed by MBAS, along with various professional bodies within the construction industry. Its primary purpose is to assess the level of quality achieved in a construction project.

As a prerequisite for the BuildTrust® Manager (BTM) Certification Program, which acknowledge the pivotal role of construction professionals in ensuring and delivering high-quality projects, particularly those attaining high BuildTrust® scores, the BuildTrust® Manager (BTM) Certification Program course equips participants with essential knowledge in ensuring the successful execution of projects marked by exceptional quality. This knowledge enables them to effectively implement their knowledge in the assessment scheme and strive for higher quality grade.

Course Duration

2.5-3 hours to complete full course

Upcoming Course Dates

24 May 2024
11 Jun 2024

Eligibility Criteria:

- A minimum of 5 years of extensive industry experience in the field of construction or of similar capacity

- Possession of a Diploma or Degree in Civil Engineering or an equivalent qualification

Course Contents:

- A comprehensive introduction to BuildTrust®

- An overview of the framework and assessment criteria for BuildTrust®

- Learn to implement it effectively throughout different phases of construction to achieve high BuildTrust® quality grade/scores

BuildTrust® - Singapore's Construction Quality Assessment Scheme for Landed Properties & Micro Projects
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