BuildTrust® Assessor (BTA) Certification Program


BuildTrust® is a quality assessment scheme developed by MBAS, along with various professional bodies within the construction industry. Its primary purpose is to assess the level of quality achieved in a construction project.

A BuildTrust® Assessor assesses the construction project according to the criteria of the BuildTrust® framework. The BuildTrust® Assessor (BTA) Certification Program equips participants with the essential knowledge to be a certified BuildTrust® Assessor. This is needed for successful evaluation in BuildTrust® assessments. This knowledge empowers them to consistently grade for quality and maintain integrity in the BuildTrust® quality grade and scores, thus ensuring and delivering high-quality assessments.

Course Duration

2.5-4 hours to complete full course

Upcoming Course Dates

24 May 2024
11 Jun 2024

Eligibility Criteria:

- Able bodied

- Age 65 & below

- Minimum 10 years of profound industry experience in construction

- BCSS Certification

- Demonstrable track record: minimum of 8 residential projects for reference (include project listings; strata projects count as singular reference)

- Proficiency in both English and Chinese communication

Course Contents:

- A comprehensive introduction to BuildTrust®

- An overview of the framework and criteria for BuildTrust®

- Understand the assessment scheme to ensure effective and accurate grading/scoring throughout different phases of construction

BuildTrust® - Singapore's Construction Quality Assessment Scheme for Landed Properties & Micro Projects
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