About BuildTrust®

BuildTrust® has been meticulously crafted to set a standard quality in built environment. By rigorously measuring constructed works against precise workmanship standards and specifications, it ensures an unwavering commitment to excellence. Moreover, it empowers a systematic approach to quality assessment that remains cost-effective and time-efficient, a true testament to its innovation.

At its core, BuildTrust® stands as an autonomous assessment framework. It's important to note that, unless explicitly stated in the building contract, BuildTrust® should not be employed by project engineers or architects as the sole determinant of a building's acceptability or the acceptability of its individual components. This underscores the impartiality and independence of the BuildTrust® assessment process.



Our vision for BuildTrust® is to revolutionize the landscape of the landed properties’ construction quality. We envision a future where builders, guided by the highest standards, collaboratively shape spaces that stand as testaments to quality, durability, and innovation.

Through this, we aspire to cultivate a community of builders that champions excellence, pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and construction ingenuity. Our vision encompasses a holistic approach, where builders not only construct physical structures but also contribute to sustainable development, resilience, and societal well-being.

By setting rigorous benchmarks and fostering a spirit of collaboration, our vision encompasses an industry united by a shared commitment to elevating standards. Accredited builders will not only build structures; they will be architects of progress, shaping environments that enrich lives and elevate communities.

In this future, BuildTrust® will serve as a cornerstone, instilling trust in the competence and integrity of builders for built environment. It will stand as a symbol of excellence, assuring stakeholders that accredited builders are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and enduring value.


To promote, moderate and participate in the review and evaluation of the micro builder's industry in Singapore whenever possible.

To provide a platform for networking opportunities that would contribute to the continuing business development of our industry.

To represent the views of the micro builder's industry on conditions, policy, and legislation to the relevant authorities, when necessary.

With the construction industry expanding with many new private lands approved, MBAS has a vision to plan to upgrade the safety and quality of the construction sector in private landed properties, while raising professionalism by requiring minimum standards of management, safety record and financial solvency.

BuildTrust® - Singapore's Construction Quality Assessment Scheme for Landed Properties & Micro Projects
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